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Pass Plus

Once you have passed your driving test, you can build on the skills you have learned and gain more experience by taking a Pass Plus course.

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The Pass Plus scheme was developed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) in collaboration with the driving industry and car insurance companies in the light of statistics showing that new drivers are more likely to have an accident in the first two years after passing their test due to lack of driving experience. Pass Plus is an optional course with no test at the end. It involves a series of modules lasting a minimum of 6 hours in total, involving driving in different conditions.

These are:

  • Driving in town;
  • Driving on dual carriageways;
  • Driving on motorways;
  • Driving in the country;
  • Driving in various weather conditions;
  • Driving at night.

The course can be completed in chunks or in a single session. At the end of the course, the instructor and student sign to say that the modules have been completed to a satisfactory level and a certificate is sent to the student to confirm that this is the case.

Training is carried out by driving instructors who are registered with the DSA to deliver the course. All Chris and Janes Driving School instructors are qualified to give Pass Plus training. Some local authorities, including North Yorkshire County Council, offer help with the cost of Pass Plus as an incentive to new drivers to take the course. A number of insurance companies offer cheaper car insurance to holders of a Pass Plus certificate. It is worth enquiring about this when looking for insurance.

Private in-car lessons

Private in-car lessons

At Chris and Janes Driving School we’re committed to offering the very best tuition possible, and when you book an hour’s driving lesson with us, you’ll get the full hour – unlike some other driving schools who do a 45 minute lesson rather than the full hour.

Great Experience

Great Experience

We have a team of driving instructors who can offer driving lessons tailored to your personal requirements. We’re patient, friendly and will teach you how to drive competently and safely – not just how to get through your driving test.

Personal instruction

Personal instruction

Chris and Janes Driving School also offers driver familiarity training for anyone recently arriving in the UK. We cover all aspects of British driving - such as roundabouts, use of a manual gearbox & even tuition for driving on the left side of the road.