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Driving Lessons

Chris's car

One of Our Learner Vehicles

At Chris and Janes Driving School we aim to get you driving as much as possible during your lessons in order for you to you gain experience and not make you sit at the side of road where you don’t get that valuable time behind the wheel.

Also as soon as you reach a safe standard, we would advise you to go out with parents to gain even more experience, why pay £22 per hour when mum an dad can do it free, we will advise some things to practice with them.

We’re happy to accommodate any schedule you have and can offer one or two hour driving lessons as you work towards your test. We can pick you up from school, home or work for your driving lesson, anywhere that is convenient for you. A lot of pupils have a driving lesson in a free period at school. We can also drop you off wherever is convenient.

If you want to condense your tuition, we can offer intensive driving courses as well as a range of other training including Pass Plus, motorway driving lessons, and refresher courses for pupils of all levels from beginner up to test standard.

We can book your practical test on your behalf but it is easy to book it on-line yourself.

Don’t be worried if you are an older person wanting to learn. Chris and Janes Driving School have taught a 73 year old how to drive.

We can help you study for your theory test also. Just ask the instructor. All Chris and Janes Driving School pupils receive a free copy of The Highway Code and we can recommend other helpful study aids.

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Private in-car lessons

Private in-car lessons

At Chris and Janes Driving School we’re committed to offering the very best tuition possible, and when you book an hour’s driving lesson with us, you’ll get the full hour – unlike some other driving schools who do a 45 minute lesson rather than the full hour.

Great Experience

Great Experience

We have a team of driving instructors who can offer driving lessons tailored to your personal requirements. We’re patient, friendly and will teach you how to drive competently and safely – not just how to get through your driving test.

Personal instruction

Personal instruction

Chris and Janes Driving School also offers driver familiarity training for anyone recently arriving in the UK. We cover all aspects of British driving - such as roundabouts, use of a manual gearbox & even tuition for driving on the left side of the road.